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A Family of Products work together to Improve Customer Relationship


Exacting real-time insights from an ever increasing amount of big data to drive value and competitive differentiation

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Localized Human Capital Management System to manage your people from 

hire to retire.

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Integrate your stack. Automate your work. A single platform for integration & workflow automation across your organization

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Providing Products & Services for Every Role in the Enterprise


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Oracle is the trusted, strategic business innovation to help you achieve sustained competitive advantage

Providing Products & Services for Every Role in the Enterprise


Our Unhappy Customers led us to pretty high scale of complaints coming from Live Chat with high abandoned rate and not to forget - bad rating on digital platform. Then, Zendesk came through, gave us so many things beyond our expectation. Everything are recorded, and amazingly done within a minute.
Zendesk Ticketing System, makes everything visible and track-able. It motivates our CX team as their acknowledgement of their performance, to do better. Our Complain Rate reduced incredibly far to only 7%. Another Sweet-Treat from Zendesk, it allows us to classify our costumers by their loyalty so we can prioritize our dedicated agents to the loyalists through Zendesk’s Skill Routing!

Intan Febrita
KUDO - Customer Experience Manager


To achieve our company goals becoming trusted partner of our customers to keep their health well maintained, customer services play important role in our establishment. We used to handle all of customer matters manually, like emails (etc). Then when Zendesk came in, those things shifted. Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Support help us to monitor the traffic of all inquiries from Customer Services, helping our Customer Services to perform fast-response, and have a helpful customized-templates

Mariska Dermawan - Customer Relationship Manager
PT Global Urban Esensial