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Upgrading Your Customer Experience with Technology | Virtual Talk Show with Telkomsel Orbit

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Great insights coming from our Virtual Talk Show Session for "Upgrading Your Customer Experience with Technology" last Thursday.

Customer Experience (CX) is defined as the consumer's interaction with brands, especially in the digital age. It's important for businesses to focus on customer experience, especially in the digital age when reviews are quickly shared on social media. The customer experience technology with good values may make consumers loyal since they believe the customer needs this technology and is proud of it. Business machines can run smoothly with technology if they speak business language.

It's all about people, process, and technology in this digital age. An excellent customer experience focuses on satisfying and surpassing consumers' expectations. If customer experience can service clients well, it represents the brand. If customer experience can meet client expectations, they will offer positive comments and promote the product. And technology connects the organization to its clients. Well, Zendesk has it all.

But, why Zendesk? Zendesk is a Customer Engagement Platform, not only a Ticketing System. We must give information to our customers in order to keep them. That is, whether you communicate with customers by phone, chat, email, or social media, you must adapt to their preferences.

“Not only must CRM technology be simple to use, but it must also be implemented fast in order to meet the time to market requirements.” Mr. Mohammad H. Baskoro, Home LTE Technology Lead at Telkomsel Orbit said.


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