Be a Part of Trees Solutions

We believe in taking ownership of one's actions and challenging one's beliefs. We also think that instead of reacting to the problem, we should become a part of the solution.

Technical Consultant

Job Requirements

We are looking for Technical Consultant in our team who will be responsible for:

  • Provide a technical design

  • Develop or coding program for a custom application based on the functional design requirement

  • Perform unit/integration testing

  • Create technical documentation

  • Collaborate with other project team members

  • Will be directly reported to the project manager

Job Descriptions

We are looking for a Back-end Developer in our team who will be responsible for: 


  • Supporting all aspects of the software development lifecycle includes design, development, testing, and deployment

  • Maintaining mobile applications and proactively improve the solution based on user requirements

  • Maintaining all project documentation

  • Reporting all activity support to Project Manager

Example: Bela-Technical Consultant