Supply Chain


Transform your supply chain from functional necessity to competitive advantage


Inventory Management

With Oracle® Inventory Management you can improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and control inventory operations. All of your material in each line of business and stage of the inventory lifecycle can be tracked in a single system. Increased transparency will reduce the need for local buffer stocks, and inventory will be located where it previously wasn’t known to exist. 

  • Improve Inventory Visibility with End-to-End Inventory Lifecycle Support 

  • Consolidate Inventory Systems with Multi-Mode Inventory Support 

  • Maintain and Recall Product using Product Genealogy & Traceability

  • Reduce Inventory Levels with Flexible Replenishment Management 

  • Reduce Owned Inventory with Supplier Consignment 

  • Increase Inventory Accuracy with Cycle Counting & Physical Inventory 

  • Control Inventory Operations 

  • Track Material Attributes using Material Status, Lot, Sublot, & Serial Control

  • Fulfill Globally with Intercompany Invoicing 

  • Simplify Setup and Maintenance with Organization Hierarchies 



According to independent experts the key to achieving world class procurement performance lies in using technology to automate routine tasks. This frees procurement professionals to work on more strategic tasks related to sourcing and supplier management. Oracle Purchasing does just that. It automates purchasing to make buyers more productive, improves management of your supply base, and adapts to virtually any procurement process.


  • Automate the Entire Procure-to-Pay Cycle: Define suppliers and agreements; then automate your entire purchasing cycle from purchase order to settlement

  • Improve Supply Base Management: Take central control of all supplier and item master information with an application that tightly integrate suppliers into your organization by leveraging advanced supply management capabilities

  • Adapt to Any Purchasing Practice: Adapt the application to your organization's purchasing practices with uniquely configurable policies and an open architecture that integrates legacy and supplier systems


Warehouse Management System

Oracle® Warehouse Management (WMS) enables companies to maximize their labor and space utilization and equipment investments by coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows. Specifically designed to support the needs of distribution, manufacturing, asset-intensive, and service businesses, Oracle Warehouse Management provides a single-platform across an entire global supply chain. 


  • Best Business Practice Enablement:

    • Integrated Fulfillment​

    • Modern Warehousing

    • Warehouse Automations

    • Supply Chain Execution Convergence

  • "One Warehousing"

    • Any Type of Business​

    • Any Size Facility

    • Inbound & Outbound Flows


  • Cost Reduction through Optimization

    • Resource Optimization

    • Material Optimization

    • Information Discovery

  • Maximum Flexibility

    • "Configuration" not "Customization"

    • Adaptability to Demand

    • Inbound & Outbound Flows


Order Management

Oracle Order Management drives the order fulfillment process of any business. The open, workflow based architecture supports tailored, automated fulfillment processes without customization. It captures multi-channel demand from sources including EDI, XML, telesales or web storefronts. As part of a complete order to cash solution it enables global order promising and is integrated to transportation management.


  • Improve Sales Visibility

       Sale agents have access to accurate and complete              information via a single repository housing all relevant        sales transactions.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

       Customers are empowered through self-service status        tracking functionality, accessible on the Internet.

  • Expedite Sales Cycles

       Blanket sales agreements associate customer orders          (releases) with pre-negotiated terms and volume                  commitments.


Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning makes you more responsive by enabling you to perform simultaneous material and capacity planning across multiple facilities and time horizons in a single planning run, while at the same time accounting for the latest consensus forecast, sales orders, production status, purchase orders, and inventory policy recommendations. 


  • Reduce Planning Cycle Time by Running Fewer Plan

       Comprehensive Distribution Planning, Comprehensive                Support for Vertical Industries

  • Increase Productivity & Reduce Decision Latency

       Robust Exception Management and Root-      

       cause Analysis, Supply Chain Pegging, Reduce    

       Planner Workload through Automation,

       Personalization, Simulation & Planner Collaboration,

       Detailed Scheduling, Designed for Planners - Not        


  • Adjust the Model without Re-Implementation


  • Drive to Operational Excellence

       Sales & Operations Planning, Tactical Supply Chain    

       Planning, Collaborative Planning, Continuous    

       Improvement, Enable Key Executives to Analyze

       Tactical Planning Information

  • Extreme Performance for the Demand-Driven Value Chain

       Provides un-paralleled performance and scalability to

       enable the next generation of interactive planning,

       simulation, and analysis.