By supporting the unique and varied requirements of users from countries around the world on a single platform, Oracle Human Capital Management enforces consistent HR policies, reports business metrics from a single source of truth, and provides a “global engine” for worldwide HR management. 

E-Business Suite Global

Core Human Capital Management


Single, global repository of employee data

  • Align your workforce to corporate objectives

  • Gain a single source of truth for employee data

  • Manage talent globally, while addressing local country requirements


Flexible workflow capabilities

  • Streamline recruitment, hiring, budgeting, compensation, termination, performance, skills, collective agreements, and more

  • Gain efficiency while increasing workforce productivity

  • Reduce administrative costs and errors

  • Perform rules-based budget control


Advanced reporting features

  • Improve HR decision-making

  • Improve compliance

  • Consolidate data across countries or lines of business


Integrated configuration management toolset for HR systems

  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Reduce implementation risk, time, and cost

  • Simplify data conversion with common desktop tools

  • Enable rapid, reliable, and repeatable configurations

  • Manage configuration changes as you evolve


Graphical, rules-based payroll system

  • Define and manage diverse payroll requirements that reflect your organization's policies

  • View complete history of payroll results

  • Manage every aspect of employee compensation, including salary, insurance, etc

  • Provide payroll reports based on employees' language and currency


Rules-based benefits and compensation administration system

  • Integrate and streamline benefit business processes

  • Manage diverse benefits programs, life events, and eligibility rules

  • Improve workforce benefit decisions by using "what-if" analysis and advanced analytical tools

  • Easily adapt compensation programs to evolving business needs

  • Enable employees to view their total compensation with self-service interface