ORACLE® Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite

Simplified user access across all web and non-web applications & Centralized framework for security and compliance enforcement

The Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite Plus provides users fast access to systems and applications to get business done while increasing security and providing operational efficiencies.The Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite Plus specifically :

Provides users fast access by automating sign on and sign off to their systems and applications

Strengthens application security by securely managing application passwords

Provides a practical means to deploy strong authentication enterprise-wide quickly and inexpensively

Improves compliance posture by providing automated reporting on who has access to what applications and how often they use them

ORACLE® Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite

Sign On

Oracle eSSO securely eliminates the need for users to remember and manage passwords for virtually any application.  With ESSO Logon Manager, employees sign-on to Windows and ESSO Logon Manager does the rest.  As they launch their other applications, ESSO Logon Manager automatically logs them on with each application’s correct password.


ESSO Provisioning Gateway enables system administrators to automatically add, edit or delete application credentials to an end user’s eSSO credential store, eliminating the need for users to enter their passwords and securely removing credentials when necessary.  It can be done interactively by the administrator or automatically by any identity management system.


ESSO Universal Authentication Manager lets users log on to Windows with any authentication device, such as an RFID badge or non- PKI smart card.  Users get fast and secure logons to Windows.  ESSO Universal Authentication Manager maintains the standard Windows logon interface so users automatically know how to use it.