How to Manage Your Amazing Customer Service Team

Managing a team of even the most talented customer service professionals can be difficult. While we can’t make it easy, it’s our hope that some of the lessons, tips, and philosophies in this guide will help you manage agents who are engaged with their work and primed to provide your customers with great service.

Why you should care?


The secret sauce to any great customer service and support organization is the people who work in it. Every organization has good days and bad days and the way the team coalesces during each defines the service you deliver. On the good days, everyone is quietly paddling along the water and delivering what the customer needs. On the hard days, they’re paddling like hell under water and stilldelivering what the customer needs. Either way, the customer doesn’t know the difference.

You can have the best, most efficient and customer-friendly processes in the world, but they will fall apart if your team is not motivated, not happy, or doesn’t work together well.

Happy employees lead to happy customers. The following chapters are filled with suggestions on how to take care of your team. In many cases, customer service reps are the face of the brand. They are the people your customers will have the most contact with, so you need to hire superstars. But ask any hiring manager and they will tell you that is easier said than done.

Learn how to :

motivate with rewards and recognition

stay cool when understaffed and extra busy

broaden your team’s horizons with events

keep things fresh with rotating roles

organize support for future success

empower your support team

achieve transparency