Zendesk Talk

Talk It Out with

Connect with customers on a call center solution built right into the Zendesk ticketing system



Automatic Ticket Creation

Call Recording

Voicemail Transcription (English Only)

Hold, Mute, & Warm Transfer

Inbound Caller ID (based on number stored in User Profile)

Calls receive from new, unknown generate new user accounts

Configurable Wrap-Up Time Limits

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Real-Time Queue Activity

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Agent Reporting

Call Data in Insights

Call History

Agent Status Control

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Other Features

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Based on DTMF "Dual Tone Multi-Frequency" (0-9 Key Presses)

Group Routing

Via IVR or Phone Number

Round-Robin Routing

Within Agent Group, Route calls to Agent that has been available the longest without accepting a call

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Business Hours

When open, routes to queue; when closed, routes to voicemail

Maximum Queue Size

Set limit for # of callers (max 50) or wait length in queue (max 20 min)

Customized Greetings

Voicemail Greetings, Available Agents, Wait, Hold, and IVR Messages

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