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Generative AI for CX in the Indonesian Industry.

Enhance customer interactions with Zendesk's intelligent chatbot integration.
Illustration of Zendesk Chatbot Integration

Generative AI can help streamline workflows, improve CX, and enhance agent performance.

According to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2023, 65 percent of business leaders believe the AI they use is becoming more natural and human-like—and it’s only going to get better. As more businesses begin implementing generative AI to improve customer service and enhance the employee experience, it’s important to understand how to harness the power of this novel AI technology to its full potential.

Using generative AI for Customer Experience (CX) with Zendesk in the Indonesian industry can significantly enhance customer support and engagement. Find out below in this article, how Generative AI helps improve CX in Indonesia.

What is Generative AI?

According to Zendesk, Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is an AI-powered technology that uses extensive libraries of information to generate new things, like stories, pictures, videos, music, and software code.

Benefits of using generative AI

Generative AI offers numerous advantages, especially for customer service teams. Here are a few of the most common benefits especially for Indonesian industry:

Important CX benefit in Indonesian Industry using Zendesk generative AI .
CX Benefit of Zendesk Generative AI for Indonesian Industry

A. Enhanced customer experience.

Manage high volumes of requests during peak times with instant, automated answers to customer inquiries via generative replies, messaging tools, and chatbot software.

Generative AI allows for more natural, personalized conversations with accurate information. This results in a better customer experience, higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and customer loyalty. Generative AI also provides multilingual support, recognizing and adapting to languages for 24/7 global customer service.

B. Improved agent productivity and efficiency.

Streamline workflows and make agents’ jobs easier with generative AI tools. Generative AI can handle simple tasks so agents can focus on more complex issues. Here are a few ways to leverage generative AI to boost agent productivity and efficiency:

B.1. Ticket Summaries Generate a quick summary of ticket content so agents can understand the issue and respond faster.

B.2. Advanced Bots Deflect tickets with bots that provide data-driven suggestions for instant, conversational support.

B.3. Content Creation Automate and streamline the process of creating content.

Zendesk, for example, offers generative AI in the unified, omnichannel Agent Workspace. In collaboration with OpenAI, Zendesk harnesses the power of generative AI to boost agent productivity by helping support teams create knowledge-based content at scale. Generative AI can also summarize long tickets for agents and transform a brief reply to a customer’s request into a fully fleshed-out response in seconds

C. Reduced support costs.

AI in the workplace lets your customer support team do more with less. Generative AI helps save time and costs by deflecting tickets, streamlining workflows, and automating repetitive tasks. This means ticket queues are manageable and agents are free to focus on more complex issues, all while helping the same amount of, or more, customers.


Using AI for customer service makes it easy for your support team to create an exceptional customer experience with more human-like interactions. By using the power of generative AI at Zendesk in the Indonesian industry, businesses can streamline customer support processes, enhance user satisfaction, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

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Trees Solutions has a mission to consistently provide value to our stakeholders by enabling our clients to achieve ultimate excellence and a sustained competitive edge through our solutions.

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