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The Rise of Immersive Experiences

Immersive customer experience with Zendesk
Enhancing Customer Engagement with Zendesk's

The last three years have changed the world. It began with the shock waves of the pandemic and continued with the uncertainties of the economy. Businesses worldwide had to change every aspect of their operations. The changing expectations of the client have caused significant shifts in customer service.

In the year of 2023, new perspectives are becoming obvious. Businesses need to evaluate the situation and implement significant changes.

Customers have made it quite apparent that they are in charge right now and that they won't wait for businesses to gradually realize this before demanding immersive customer experiences. And as we've seen, companies that understood this huge and exciting transition and made significant investments in response saw real results in the form of improved CSAT scores and demonstrable ROI.

Customer experience drives revenue.

Customers nowadays want companies to communicate with them naturally and fluidly, and this is a thrilling new sector. From chatbots that closely mimic real human beings to conversational experiences where customers can start an interaction on one channel and then seamlessly switch to another, immersive CX boils down to one simple idea: people want to be seen and heard, to be treated not as a transaction or a ticket but as the highly valued customers they are. By doing so, businesses stand to greatly strengthen customer relationships, a benefit whose value cannot be overstated.

The trends for nowadays are clear: businesses have hope for the future. Their optimism is based on intentions to invest in immersive customer experiences.

What’s driving the move toward immersive CX?

As Zendesk has discovered, there are five distinct trends behind these new standards:

  1. AI experiences are becoming more evolved and seamless

  2. Conversational experiences are empowering consumers

  3. Customers are eager for deeper personalization

  4. Consumer well-being and sentiment are reshaping CX

  5. CX teams are breaking down silos as they become more integrated

To help you prepare for the dawn of immersive CX, Zendesk surveyed thousands of consumers and business leaders while analyzing extensive data culled from our Benchmark program to get a better understanding of these trends. In this report, we’ll delve into each trend and explain how your business can meet these critical expectations by offering insight, real-world recommendations, and highlighting what best-in-class companies are doing.


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