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What Exactly is Zendesk and Why is It Beneficial to Your Company?

What is Zendesk? It is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) platform aimed to boost customer communication. We are all biased when choosing a customer experience platform: the bigger the business, the more expensive it is.

Fortunately, that isn't the case here. We'll show you how to nail both scenarios, whether you want to provide your employee more capabilities or save cost on a subscription without sacrificing the functions.

Zendesk strives to improve the way support, sales, and customer experience teams interact with their customers. This means you may pay for fewer tools while keeping all of your client data in one location.

Let's look at when you require Zendesk products.

1. Zendesk Support organizes and resolves client issues

Zendesk Support centralizes all client contacts, enabling for a more efficient process. Your customers will enjoy the same great experience whether they contact you via email, Facebook, or social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Twitter Direct Message.

2. Zendesk Guide boosts self-service and agent power

Zendesk Guide is a sophisticated knowledge source that empowers your agents. Zendesk Guide compiles commonly asked questions, product features, and customer requests. It works well with Zendesk Support, which speeds up your team's work.

3. Zendesk Chat instantly reaches your customers wherever they are

Live chat is an important tool for rapid assistance and personalization. Zendesk Chat allows you to quickly respond to customers' queries through web or mobile.

4. Zendesk Talk chats with customers

Zendesk Talk is an integrated voice solution. Your agent may take up the discussion straight from Zendesk or build up an interface with your preferred software. You won't need any extra hardware or a tech staff to set up Talk because it is a cloud-based telephony solution.

5. Zendesk Explore improves client experience

Zendesk Explore is an analysis and reporting tool. It assists you in collecting, measuring, and improving the whole customer experience. You will receive clear reports for colleagues: the most often asked questions, how well AI solves problems, etc.

6. Zendesk Gather encourages customer collaboration

Zendesk Gather is a community forum software. Zendesk Gather allows your customers to collaborate, exchange ideas, request improvements, and help each other instead of relying on your customer experience team.

The best part about Zendesk Gather is that you may call in an agent if the question is complicated and demands the attention of your entire team.

7. Zendesk Sell boost sales teams' productivity

Zendesk Sell is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that improves sales team efficiency and pipeline visibility. Zendesk Sell stores all client account information, which reduces the amount of activities your salespeople must take.

8. Zendesk Suite, a bundle of joy

The Suite, as you can call it for short, bundles Zendesk Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk into a single omnichannel solution that’s easy to try, buy, and set up, all at a great price.

Together, The Suite connects the dots so that you can choose to open and close channels as desired, but always recognize your customer. No contacts slip through the cracks and nothing is lost in one system while you’re working tickets in another.

Zendesk provides a solution for each customer’s issue you're attempting to resolve. If you need more options or can't live without your favorite tools, Zendesk has over 1000 applications and connectors. Simply choose the ones that work best for your business.

Customers want the very best, and if you don’t give it to them, they’re happy to look elsewhere. Keep up your customer service team agile and adaptable with Zendesk.



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