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Salesforce announces availability of Hyperforce in Indonesia.

A Game-Changer for Local Cloud Solutions

Salesforce Hyperforce in Indonesia
Salesforce Hyperforce in Indonesia

In the fast-evolving landscape of Information & Technology, staying at the forefront of innovation is imperative. Salesforce announced the availability of Hyperforce in Indonesia on 24th of August, 2023, marks a significant turning point for businesses, particularly those in the Financial Service Industry and others seeking robust local cloud solutions.

Salesforce, a maker of cloud-based software, announced the general availability of Hyperforce in Indonesia. Built on AWS, Hyperforce is a reimagination of Salesforce’s platform architecture for the public cloud. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more Salesforce solutions are quickly and easily deployed as it maximizes the scale, agility, reliability, and security of AWS. Hyperforce claims to deliver differentiated value to customers, improve availability, and reduce planned maintenance downtime.

Hyperforce Delivers:

  • Data Residency Hyperforce lets customers serve their employees and customers globally while providing choice and control for residency and compliance.

  • Scalability Customers will be able to grow and scale their business more flexibly and sustainably.

  • Security Hyperforce is secure by default, with least-privileged control, zero-trust principles, and encryption of customer data at-rest and in-transit.

  • Privacy Hyperforce provides comprehensive privacy standards that help give customers control and transparency over their customers’ data.

  • Agility Hyperforce increases agility with no downtime for releases and general maintenance, faster dev and test environments, and enormous new interoperability with AWS.

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia is the largest digital economy in ASEAN, and is emerging as a digital leader on the global stage. Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance estimates technological adoption will grow the economy by as much as $2.8 trillion by 2040, with an eightfold increase in the size of the digital economy over the next 10 years.

Many Indonesian businesses especially will require support to capture this opportunity and unlock the benefits of digitisation. That’s why Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), is proud to announce that we are deepening our commitment to Indonesia with the launch of our Indonesian entity, the general availability of Hyperforce, and a new partnership to address the digital skills imperative in the region.

The efforts aim to create greater impact and support growth of businesses in Indonesia.

Bringing the power of secured Public Cloud to Indonesia.

The evolving global landscape presents new challenges in terms of innovation, trust and safety. This requires businesses to enhance the way they scale operations globally, while ensuring they meet local data security and privacy requirements.

Indonesian companies can now use Hyperforce to quickly and securely deploy the majority of the Salesforce Customer 360 products – including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Platform, and Industry Clouds such as Financial Services Cloud – by leveraging the scale and agility of public cloud computing.

Hyperforce will empower more Indonesian businesses to capitalize on the value of Salesforce while streamlining adherence to local data residency regulations – an imperative for regional and global organizations in regulated industries such as; financial services, telcos, government-linked businesses and more.

With Hyperforce, resources can be quickly and easily deployed in the public cloud to reduce implementation time from months to weeks or days, and deliver performance at B2B and B2C scale with built-in trust and local data storage. Hyperforce also gives Indonesian businesses backwards compatibility, ensuring that every Salesforce app, customisation and integration will run on Hyperforce.

Authorized Cloud Reseller

Trees Solutions, as a Salesforce authorized cloud reseller. Founded in 2011, is an IT solution provider based in Jakarta, Indonesia that offers a wide range of IT products, along with consulting services, as well as a solid expertise and portfolio.

We have a mission to consistently provide value to our stakeholders by enabling our clients to achieve ultimate excellence and a sustained competitive edge through our solutions.

Want to learn more on how to take your business to the next level with Hyperforce?

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