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 Hyperforce in Salesforce - Revolutionizing Cloud Computing
Hyperforce in Salesforce - Revolutionizing Cloud Computing

Scale globally and serve customers locally.

Salesforce launched Hyperforce on AWS, a new infrastructure architecture that allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using cloud partners like AWS.

What Is Hyperforce?

The Salesforce platform is built on Hyperforce, our next-generation cloud infrastructure, which lets Salesforce applications scale rapidly and enables you to run your Salesforce apps from anywhere in the world.

Hyperforce is the next-generation Salesforce infrastructure architecture, built for the public cloud. Hyperforce infrastructure is composed of code rather than hardware, so that the Salesforce platform and applications can be delivered rapidly and reliably to locations worldwide, giving customers more choice and control over data residency.

Salesforce products running on Hyperforce benefit from its integration of enhanced standards for compliance, security, agility, and scalability, and from Salesforce’s continued commitment to privacy. By providing a common foundation for deploying our application stacks, Hyperforce accelerates Salesforce’s ability to innovate across product clouds and deliver additional business value to customers.

Hyperforce Delivers:

Data Residency

Hyperforce lets customers serve their employees and customers globally while providing choice and control for residency and compliance.


Customers will be able to grow and scale their business more flexibly and sustainably.


Hyperforce is secure by default, with least-privileged control, zero-trust principles, and encryption of customer data at-rest and in-transit.


Hyperforce provides comprehensive privacy standards that help give customers control and transparency over their customers’ data.


Hyperforce increases agility with no downtime for releases and general maintenance, faster dev and test environments, and enormous new interoperability with AWS. (Downtime may be required during org migrations or for major technology upgrades.)

Learn more about why Hyperforce is the foundation of everything we do.

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